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TOPA hydraulic has been developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative systems for the production and processing of hose assemblies for 20 years. With the latest and powerful technology, TOPA, as a manufacturer and global supplier, can meet even the most stringent requirements of customers for hydraulic crimping machines and peripherals for industrial and service companies.


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The hose crimping machine is a tool that connects the ends of many sizes of hydraulic hose to metal fittings.

According to the function of the hose crimping machine class can be divided into two kinds of manual and automatic.

Automatic hose crimping machine power source is electricity, manual hose crimping machine power source is the foot pedal control system.

Can also be divided into vertical and horizontal according to the shape of the hose crimping machine .

Vertical hose crimping machine can be used to bend to both sides, horizontal hose crimping machine can be added to the mold frame, manual control crimping angle.

First prepare the length and size of the hose to be cut, adjust the crimp diameter to the length of the hose deep into the nibble boundary.

Then, choose the right die to put into the hose crimping machine, click the start button, the die starts to be compressed, when you see the collar, end the crimping and close the hose crimping machine.

Vertical hose crimping machine belongs to modern tube shrinking machine, which has many advantages.

Vertical pipe shrinking machine is easy to operate, very flexible to use, it is made of high quality materials, stable working performance, high efficiency, not easy to corrosion and long service life.

The pressure varies with the model of the hose crimping machine.

hose crimping machine are divided into high pressure and low pressure, and high compression hose crimping machine will have a higher crimping pressure.

However, the maximum working pressure of a hose crimping machine is defined by the international LSO standard, and each model has a standard maximum pressure.

The hose crimping machine is made of high quality metal material, the crimping environment is closed to avoid dust pollution, therefore, it greatly reduces the production cost.


The surface of the hose crimping machines are treated with graphic layer, not easy to corrosion and high temperature resistance. They have high working efficiency, good price and time saving.

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