Hydraulic AC Crimping Tool

Using hydraulic hose crimper precautions:

  1. The operator must operate according to the manual process regulations.
  2. After the hydraulic hose crimper is stopped, the power must be cut off.
  3. When changing the mold, it must be done after the hydraulic hose crimper is stopped.
  4. The joint surface of the mold seat and the mold should be kept clean and lubricated, and there should be no hard objects such as metal chips.
  5. Inject lubricating grease on the inclined surface of the mold seat before starting the hydraulic hose crimper.
  6. The mold set screw must be tightened before installing the mold.
  7. When crimping, place the joint in the center of the mold as much as possible, and do not press on the hex nut.
  8. Prevent tools and other foreign objects from entering the tube press head.
  9. After each work, the eight module bases must be opened to the maximum extent, so that the spring can be maintained in an open state, and the oil cylinder is also in a pressure relief state to prolong the life of the oil seal.
  10. The pressure regulating valve must be adjusted to the specified pressure.
  11. It is strictly forbidden to put your hands inside when working.
  12. The electrical safety regulations must be observed when inspecting the electrical parts.
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