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How to identify the pros and cons of hydraulic hose crimping machine?

What is a high pressure hydraulic hose crimping machine?

In fact, after the high-pressure hose is produced, the joints should be installed on both sides, and the equipment used is the hydraulic hose crimping machine. After the high-pressure hose is crimped on the joints at both ends, it will be strictly called the high-pressure hose assembly. How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of the hydraulic hose crimping machine when the high-pressure hose manufacturer chooses the hydraulic hose crimping machine, mainly through the following three methods:

when the high-pressure hydraulic hose crimping machine crimps the joints at both ends, the crimping amount is too small or too large. If the joint is too loose, the head may fall off when the medium with a certain pressure is transmitted; if the crimping amount is too high, there will be excessive decompression between the joint and the hose, which may cause damage to the inner layer of the hose. When the medium is exposed, it may penetrate into the steel wire layer of the hose, resulting in bulging.

  1. Look: whether the hydraulic accessories and electrical components selected for the hydraulic hose crimping machine and the pipe pressing machine are qualified products or produced by regular manufacturers through visual observation; whether the circuit configuration is regular; whether the pipeline design of the gas station is reasonable; whether there is leakage at the connection oil phenomenon. If the above passes the visual inspection, the next step can be carried out.
  2. Listen: Turn on the device after it is powered on, and listen to whether the sound of the device is normal. If there is abnormal noise, it is often caused by the unsatisfactory coaxiality of the motor and the oil pump. Another possibility is the unreasonable selection of the displacement of the oil pump and the pipe diameter, and the quality of the selected motor or oil pump. Not well caused.
  3. Measurement: Finally, measure the main parameters of the equipment

3.1 Let the equipment be in a state of idling, and touch each module base with your hand. There should be no shaking in the hand, otherwise it will be regarded as a substandard product.

3.2 Install the equipment on the mold, crimp a sample joint, and measure the crimped joint with a caliper or a micrometer. The roundness and taper should be buckled within 0.1mm, which is considered excellent.

3.3 The hardness of the mold base and the hardness of the mold are also the key to the normal use of the equipment in the future. Customers can request the manufacturer to use a desktop or portable hardness tester to test the mold base or mold. When the hardness of the mold seat is lower than Rockwell HRC50 and the mold hardness is lower than Rockwell HRC55, it will affect the quality of the hydraulic hose crimping machine.

3.4 Finally, the eight-lobe division of the mold base of the equipment and the flatness of the mold are inspected. Good equipment will do special control and adjustment for these two parameters, while some low-quality equipment does not control the above two parameters.

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