Hydraulic hose crimper HCM-165


Topa ultra-slim HCM165 ce hydraulic hose crimper is easy to count and precise to peel, and has a 7-inch touch screen with 260,000 pixels.

Topa vertical pipe hydraulic hose crimping machine is easy to operate and can set the pressure holding time, error compensation amount, opening amount, withholding size, etc.


  • Quick change gun
  • Easy buckling of shaped hoses
  • Foot pedal control switch, high efficiency

Hydraulic hose crimper

manual hose pipe crimping machine
pathak hydraulic hose crimping machine
manual hydraulic hose crimping machine
Crimping force up to 400 tons
Maximum crimp range 76mm
Crimp 4 inches hose

Hydraulic hose crimper details

mobile hydraulic hose crimper
universal hydraulic hose crimper
hand held hydraulic hose crimper
Crimping switch
Steel head
Crimping die

Products accessory

portable hose crimping machine
earls hose crimper
Assembly and flaring machine
Crimping accessory
Crimping die gun
Crimping die parts

Technical date

Dies No.#Crimping range (mm)Length (mm) HCM-165
6.56.5 – 1055Maximum opening diameter190mm
1010.0 – 14.055Buckle pressure400T
1414.0 – 17.055Crimping hose range6-76mm
1717.0 – 20.055power supply380V/220V
2020.0 – 23.055Motor4KW
2323.0 – 26.055System pressure35MPa
2626.0 – 29.055Total Weight1000KG
2929.0 – 32.070Dimensions850mm*640*1500mm
3232.0 – 40.070Hydraulic oil46#
4040.0 – 46.070Foot switch

4646.0 – 50.090 
5050.0 – 63.090
6363.0 – 76.090
7676.0 – 88.0108
8888.0 –98.0108


Hose crimping machine video

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