Hydraulic hose press machine HCM-190


Topa hydraulic hose press machine is the hydraulic equipment for buckling the hose, which applies the shortening force through the mold equipped with the buckling machine to buckle the joint with the supporting engineering machinery.

The hydraulic hose press machine is applied to mechanical high and low-pressure oil pipe, water pipe, air conditioning pipe, construction accessories pipe buckling, usually used in vehicles, engineering, hydraulic machine machinery, and other industries.


  • Data can be stored
  • Large opening, high power
  • Computer control, quick mold change

Hydraulic hose press machine

manual hose pipe crimping machine
pathak hydraulic hose crimping machine
manual hydraulic hose crimping machine
Storage for 200 programs
Maximum crimp range 51mm
Crimp 3 inches hose

Hydraulic hose press machine details

hose pipe crimping machine price
universal hydraulic hose crimper
High pressure hydraulic hose crimper
Pressure gauge
Steel hand
Crimping die

Products accessory

portable hose crimping machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Crimping part
Crimping die gun
Crimping light

Technical date

Technical Parameters Dies No.#Crimping range (mm)Length (mm)
Working powerAC 380V 50Hz6.56.5 – 1055
Control powerAC 220V 50Hz1010.0 – 14.055
Motor Power4KW1414.0 – 17.055
Control methodTouch screen1717.0 – 20.055
Die Openingø+60mm2020.0 – 23.055
Opening speed30mm/s2323.0 – 26.055
Closing speed15mm/s2626.0 – 29.055
After closing diameterø105mm2929.0 – 32.070
Size (length X width X height)460*680*1680mm3232.0 – 40.070
Hydraulic oilGB 46 # anti-wear hydraulic oil4040.0 – 46.070
Cylinder capacity80 Liter4646.0 – 50.090
 5050.0 – 63.090
6363.0 – 76.090
7676.0 – 88.0108
8888.0 –98.0108


Hose crimping machine video

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