Press Flare & Pre-Assembly Machine


Press flare & pre-assembly machine is manually adjustable by means of a manual button on the dashboard in front of the machine with an adjustable pressure table.

The use of a ferrule Press flare & pre-assembly machine can avoid problems with leaks or pipes being pulled out due to thread factors and friction coefficients, extending service life.


  • Optimal cutting depth
  • Manual pressure adjustment
  • Prevents cutting off of ferrules or over-tightening of threads

Press flare & Pre-assembly machine

manual hose pipe crimping machine
pathak hydraulic hose crimping machine
manual hydraulic hose crimping machine
Storage for 200 programs
Maximum crimp range 157mm
Crimp 4 inches hose

Press flare & Pre-assembly machine details

hydraulic flaring
hydraulic flaring
hydraulic flaring
Crimping die
Crimping parts

Press flare & Pre-assembly machine accessory

Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Crimping die
Crimping die gun
Crimping light

Technical date

Card sleeve pre-installed machine
Pre-installed card sleeve size06-42mm
Hydraulic oil46#Hydraulic oil
Size: L*W*H5400*490*230mm
24°Ferrule Mould Card sleeve mouldTopa

Press flare & Pre-assembly machine video

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