Hydraulic crimper machine HCM-91H


With a focus on design innovation, the brake hydraulic crimper machine is equipped with a newly improved computer system for better functionality, and the die holder can be disassembled for quick die changes.

Capable of crimping 1/8″-2″ hydraulic braided hoses, low price hydraulic hose crimper machine is a simple and economical hose crimper that cuts maintenance costs and increases productivity.


  • Heavy duty for difficult cuts
  • Mold base resin gasket protection
  • Compact design and high cutting efficiency
  • Suitable for cutting a wide range of bore hoses

Hydraulic crimper machine

manual hose pipe crimping machine
pathak hydraulic hose crimping machine
manual hydraulic hose crimping machine
Storage for 200 programs
Maximum crimp range 157mm
Crimp 4 inches hose

Hydraulic crimper machine details

mobile hydraulic hose crimper
universal hydraulic hose crimper
hydraulic hose swaging machine for sale
Crimping switch
Steel hand
Crimping die

Hydraulic crimper machine accessory

Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Crimping die
Crimping die gun
Crimping light

Technical date

Crimping range1/8”-2”
Standard voltage and motor380V/3kW
Opening without diesΦ122mm
No. of standard die10 sets
Systematic pressure30MPa


Hose crimping machine video

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