Pre assemble machine


Pre assemble machine perfectly pre-assemble hydraulic fitting to the hydraulic hose prior to crimping.

Hydraulic fitting should be pre-assembled in hydraulic hose. It is important this is done correctly, ensuring that the hydraulic fitting is tight against the surface of the cut hydraulic hose. Pre assemble machine allows the operator to effortlessly obtain a perfect straight or curved fitting pre-assembly.



  • Pre-assembly fitting into hose.
  • High efficiency, no damage to hoses and fittings
  • Reasonable structure and long service life
  • Pneumatic design, low maintenance costs

Flaring machine

manual hose pipe crimping machine
pathak hydraulic hose crimping machine
manual hydraulic hose crimping machine
Storage for 200 programs
Maximum crimp range 157mm
Crimp 4 inches hose

Flaring machine details

Automated Tube Flaring Machine
Flaring Tool Kit
hydraulic flaring
Tightening device
Skiving parts
Top notch

Flaring machine accessory

Pipe-flaring machine
hydraulic flaring
Flaring Tool Kit
Operation panel
Top notch
Skiving parts

Technical date

Assembly tooling
Machine TypePre-assembly machine
Pneumatic input0.8 Mpa
Working range1/8”-2”


Flaring machine video

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