Rubber pipe cutting machine HC-20


Rubber pipe cutting machine HC-20 is ideal for flexible cutting of hydraulic hoses up to six spirals of 2*4SH to improve work efficiency.

The closed water tank of the rubber pipe cutting machine can reduce the dust spreading during work, and the reserved suction port can be used for exhausting and collecting rubber dust.


  • Wide range of cutting hoses
  • Smooth cutting, automatic cutting
  • Fast cutting speed and high efficiency

Rubber pipe cutting machine

manual hose pipe crimping machine
pathak hydraulic hose crimping machine
manual hydraulic hose crimping machine
Storage for 200 programs
Maximum crimp range 157mm
Crimp 4 inches hose

Rubber pipe cutting machine details

hydraulic flaring
hydraulic flaring
hydraulic flaring
Crimping die
Crimping parts

Rubber pipe cutting mahcine accessory

Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Assembly and flaring machine
Crimping die
Crimping die gun
Crimping light

Technical date

Maximum cut pipe size2*4SH
Steel sheet size260*2.8*25
applicationSteel wire braided tube, rubber hose cutting
FeatureFast, dust-free, odorless
Motor Power3KW
Voltage380V  220V
Frequency speed2850
Operation methodpush down
card positionCard slot fixed
Machine size(mm)600*450*460
Package Size(mm)650*500*600


Rubber hose cutting machine machine video

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